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The World's Bookkeeper

The World's Bookkeeper

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He is the World's Bookkeeper. Nobody knows better than the Norwegian professor Harald Sverdrup what remains of our raw materials. His computers calculate what is left in the earth, how much we can get out of it and even how much we will need in the coming years. All he cannot do is distribute these stocks fairly. The last metals and other materials should go to those companies that make it possible to reuse them completely. Otherwise the world will run out very quickly. Who will take on this task?

This week's P + Special is about the extraction of the last supplies of raw materials: "The World’s Bookkeeper". In the interview with Norwegian professor Harald Sverdrup, he discusses his complex computer calculations: “Between 2030 and 2070 we will peak in extraction of almost all raw materials. After that it gets less and less. "

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