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Best Practices voor een duurzame toekomst
19 februari 2005

Sales of Dutch WELL WATER invested in African wells

The two young Dutch entrepreneurs, Bas Westdijk and Michel Rijkaart, recently managed to get a new client for their mineral water: Shakie's, a chain of train station shops, selling health food. Their business is booming. The universities of Maastricht and Rotterdam changed to Well Water, and several others will do the same as soon as the contracts with their present providers expire. BP-gas stations and the Jumbo-supermarkets already have Well Water in their line of products. The turnover of this year is expected to be sufficient for another five wells and pumps. After having worked in banking and ICT, Westdijk and Rijkaart started their own business at the end of 2003, focussing on social responsibility. Bas Westdijk: "For most companies social responsibility is more or less an asset, whereas in our company it is in the whole concept. Over one billion of people in the world lack potable water. They spend their days fetching water, having no time for education or generating income. We can work on that problem. As we put it, 'Drinking Well Water will not only quench your own thirst, but also someone else's'." Well Water is purchased in Wales, and sold on the Dutch market. A quarter of the income of each bottle is donated to the development organisation Simavi, specialized in providing drinking water and sanitation in Africa and Asia. Westdijk: "We chose for Simavi because it is a small, transparent charity. Our customers can be certain that their money is really invested in water wells." Well Water combines profit with fundraising, and at the same time gives information on the global water problem. On the labels of their bottles, and on their website. P+ Webtip: Well Water
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