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Best Practices voor een duurzame toekomst
09 april 2005

Capgemini designs script to speed up relief aid

Wolfgang Keller, manager fundraising of the Netherlands Red Cross: "Right after the tsunami, Capgemini offered logistical assistance to the Consortium of Relief Organisations (Samenwerkende Hulp Organisaties). We did not need that specifically, but we told Capgemini that we were interested to have a talk after the first rush was over. We knew that we were badly in need of a system that allows us to respond quickly to people or companies that offer help or goods. Well, last week we had our founding meeting with Capgemini." The Consortium consists of ten aid organisations, combining their forces in case of disasters. Each organisation individually is experienced enough to have its own script for emergency operations, but a combined operation asks for a new type of coordination. Capgemini appeared to be exactly the partner with the right kind of expertise. Monika van Hoogenvest of Capgemini's Supply Chain Management: "In the script we will describe the whole chain, starting from the moment a disaster is evolving. Which organisation is in need of which supplies, and who has what to offer. I expect the kick-off of the project at the end of April, and some six weeks later we will present a picture of the solutions, probably by way of an IT-system." Capgemini puts in two employees to work out the system. Barend Mutsaers and Monika van Hoogenvest will coordinate the project from Capgemini's part. All for free. Wolfgang Keller has high hopes of the script: "It will be great if, in case of disasters, individuals and companies can check what exactly is needed in terms of tents, blankets, medicines or vehicles. Then they can sign up. Now it is the other way around: they have something to offer and we have to sign up." P+ Webtip: Capgemini
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