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23 april 2005

Unicontrol awarded for innovating Ghanaian cacao exports

For Ghana, these investments signify an increase in efficiency, and thus an increase in income for the local cacao growers. A side effect is that the port of Takoradi has become more attractive for new investors. The jury, consisting of eleven experts from international companies and organisations, praised the 'triggering effect' for the future expansion of the port, the region and the export of cacao beans. Willem Prins, general manager Development of Unicontrol Commodity, views the award, a steel sculpture representing the dynamics of commercial activities, as "a reward for all our efforts and all the trouble we went through. But the biggest reward is the satisfaction of having realized sustainable development with an important spin-off. Other investors are already keeping a lookout to see what their possibilities might be." The FDI Award, an initiative of SMO (Stichting Maatschappij en Onderneming) and Stichting Adapppt, is meant for Dutch entrepreneurs who are commercially successful in developing countries and have proven to create a better prospect for the local population. The second candidate for the Award 2005 was the company Second Life, also operating in Ghana, which has realized a commercial system for distributing office and computer equipment, that has been written off in The Netherlands. The winner of last year's award was MSI Cellular, introducing cellular phones in Africa. The FDI award was allocated on April 21 at the headquarters of the Rabobank in Utrecht. The ocassion was also utilized to launch the guide 'Venture Capital and Private Equity Funds for Development Index 2005'. The guide, initiated by NCDO and Stichting Adapppt, both being organisations which stimulate private enterprise in developing countries, can assist companies in emerging markets to find funding. The guide comprises 259 funds: 112 for investments in Africa, 103 for Asia, 26 for Eastern Europe and the Middle East, and 81 in Latin America. It is published by KIT Publishers and sold worldwide. P+ Webtip: Unicontrol