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Best Practices voor een duurzame toekomst
07 januari 2006

Surinam harbours call centres for Dutch companies

Nedbound is run by Aldrin Ismail and Dennis Spaan. They quit their comfortable jobs at the Dutch telecom-giant KPN to start their own company for outsourcing services like chats, calls, e-mails and recruiting. After winning the first prize in the Intercultural Business Plan Quest in 2005, they were confident enough to invest in an offshore office in Surinam's capital Paramaribo. Their clients are travel organizations, market research offices, Unicef and World Wildlife Fund. Nedbound was the pioneer, but there are several competitors now, indicating that Surinam offers great opportunities for outsourcing Dutch companies. Aldrin Ismail, managing director of Nedbound in the Netherlands: "My partner Dennis Spaan and I got the inspiration for an outsourcing company when we saw a documentary on Indian call centres. Since I come originally from Surinam, we said to ourselves 'that is the place where we could set up something like this too'. Surinam is a Dutch speaking country, and the people are very motivated to work for a better living. With a little on-the-job training they can deliver quality." The office in Paramaribo is headed by Dennis Spaan. Ismail: "He is a real Dutchman, so he is better equipped to instruct the employees on how Dutch customers want to be treated. And I am better in 'selling' Surinam in the Netherlands." This spring Nedbound will organize a visit to Surinam for potential Dutch clients, including a meeting with the Surinam Minister of Trade and Industry. Ismail: "The main obstacle, however, is not in Surinam, but in the Netherlands itself. Outsourcing is still often seen as a threat to the local labour market." P+ Webtip: Nedbound