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Best Practices voor een duurzame toekomst
14 januari 2006

Quick Scan to measure impact on biodiversity

The VBDO represents shareholders having an interest in the sustainability performance of the companies of which they hold shares. It attends the annual shareholder meetings of the fifty largest Dutch listed companies, and enters in direct dialogues with these companies. VBDO highly values having this new instrument, as loss of biodiversity is one of the main global ecological problems. In the near future VBDO intends to pay more attention to the performance of companies and their impact on biodiversity in developing countries. The Quick Scan has been developed by CREM, a consultancy specialized in sustainable development. Gerdien Dijkstra: "We wanted a fast and simple method, that did not need to be exhaustive. It just has to give an indication of the possible problems, so that we can confront companies with the risks they are taking in the field of biodiversity. Then we can talk about measures to minimize the impact." The Quick Scan has primarily been developed for the food industry and for banks. Gerdien Dijkstra: "With these two sectors we cover the most important ones. In the future, quick scans for other sectors might be developed, depending on the results of the two existing quick scans and the relevance for VBDO core-activities." The results of the quick scans performed at companies will not be disclosed, nor will they serve to make a list of best or worst performing companies. Gerdien Dijkstra: "We will only use them in our dialogues with companies, either to make companies aware of the impact of their activities, or to highlight topics which have been neglected. In my experience companies are very much interested to use the quick scan. The results of our dialogues with listed companies will be available to VBDO members." P+ Webtip: VBDO