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Best Practices voor een duurzame toekomst
11 februari 2006

Haskoning lends manpower to evaluate water project Africa

Plan Nederland, an NGO working with children, their families and the wider community, is very pleased with the contribution of Haskoning through Aqua for All. Wilma Roozenboom, manager Corporate Partnerships: "There is a financial advantage, of course, but we are also glad to involve the private sector in our work. In our opinion it is important to bridge the gap between the private sector and development organizations. It works two ways. We can benefit from their knowledge and expertise, and companies can become more aware of development issues, which hopefully in the long run leads to a more equal distribution of wealth." Civil engineer Gellius Cremers is not exactly a person who needs to become aware of development issues, since he has been involved in water projects in developing countries for over twenty years. What is his personal motivation to interrupt his work in the Netherlands, and pack his bags for a three weeks visit to Tanzania? Cremers: "I read that Plan needed someone to evaluate their projects, and since I have experience in this field I thought I could be of use. Of course I am also driven by idealism, helping poor people who cannot help themselves." The projects that he will be checking at the end of this month are executed in Mwanza and Geita, rural areas where the majority of the population gets water from shallow wells, springs and small ponds. Sanitation is almost completely lacking, which is especially a problem at schools. Plan Tanzania intended to increase the percentage of families with all year round potable water from 41 to 80, and sanitation from 8 to 20, in three years time. Cremers will soon find out if these targets have been met. P+ Webtip: Royal Haskoning
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