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24 juni 2006

Akzo Nobel spends ten million Euro on community projects

The Community Program is designed to encourage Akzo Nobel employees to play an active role in the communities close to where they live and work. "The skill, knowledge and hands-on involvement of our employees are vital to the Community Programs continued success and they have been very enthusiastic about taking part," added Wijers. A year ago, the Community Program took off with a donation of 1,5 million Euro to the Dutch Red Cross. The money is allocated to projects in Indonesia and China for clean water and AIDS/HIV prevention for a period of three years. Akzo employees dedicate their time and expertise voluntarily. In São Remo, a slum close to São Paulo, Brazil, four Akzo Nobel employees are involved in a project to refurbish a multi-purpose room for a school and the setting up of a community pharmacy. The pharmacy will also offer individual counselling by qualified pharmacists and public health officials. Educational videos on various health issues, such as AIDS awareness and the prevention of dengue, will be screened to residents. Another example is Pune, India, where employees took the initiative to improve sanitary conditions in the nearby village of Awhalewadi. Out of 500 houses, only 100 have toilets, a situation which poses a serious threat in terms of spreading disease, particularly among women and children. The company provides toilet blocks for houses and three primary schools of the village. The toilet blocks are being painted by the employees of the company, with Akzo Nobel donating the paint. The until now open drainage system of the village will be covered, and five overhead water tanks will be provided. The company doctor assists in promoting health programs, such as disease prevention and AIDS awareness. P+ Webtip: Community Program Akzo Nobel