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Best Practices voor een duurzame toekomst
09 september 2006

Flamingo wedding rings for a lasting planet

At the official presentation, this week during the TradeMart fair for the jewellery branch, Rob Hollander promised to try and make sustainable jewelry a success. That is why, as he explained later to P+, he does not ask a higher price for the Oro Verde rings, although the original cost is about fourteen percent higher than the price for regular gold. "I do not want the price to become an obstacle for clients, as has happened with many other sustainable goods or food. We are talking about rings that cost between 500 and 1,200 Euros, so I really don't mind collecting a few Euros less."
For Flamingo this line of rings is just a start. Rob Hollander: "If the market is interested, I can use green gold for our complete collection."
His personal interest in corporate social responsibility started growing a couple of years ago, when he accidentally met a Dutch consultant, acquainted with the Colombian cooperation that wants to make the gold mining beneficial for the whole community, without spoiling the environment. Rob Hollander: "CSR is not something you invent behind your desk. I became enthusiastic about the Colombian project, and I am sure that there is a market for green gold. I pay a little more for the material, but it empowers both the Colombian people and the people here. If I succeed in entering the market with green gold, I will consider to buy finished gold products from the Colombian cooperation Oro Verde, provided that they have a certain level of quality."
The criteria for the green gold certification have been developed by Stichting Milieukeur (the Dutch foundation of the national environmental label) and several non-governmental organisations, both in the field of environment and development cooperation.
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