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Best Practices voor een duurzame toekomst
18 oktober 2006

Vooruitziende quotes over investeringen na aflopen Kyoto

. "The cost of action is much less than the cost of inaction", Robert Watson, hoofd wetenschappelijk onderzoek van de Wereldbank.
. "The savings in energy consumption can more than offset the additional cost of investment in energy production", Claude Mandil, directeur van de International Energy Agency (IEA).
. "We need long-term policy guarantees and incentives to achieve carbon reduction", Rijkman Groenink, voorzitter Raad van Bestuur ABN AMRO.
. "To guarantee continuity for investments, a post-Kyoto 2012 agreement is urgently needed," Yvo de Boer, secretaris-generaal van de United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change.
. "The financial community will bring more capital if they see a longer-term signal. Unless we send these long-term signals in the next 18 months to two years we will lose momentum ... capital will find somewhere else to go", James Cameron, vice-voorzitter van de investeringsgroep Climate Change Capital.
. "There has to be a value for the carbon beyond 2012 in order to drive the changes necessary ... The time to act is now", Graeme Sweeney, vice-president Renewables, Hydrogen and CO2 bij Shell.
. "A lot of the technologies we are talking about have economic lives of 15-20-30 years. There is no way people will commit to invest with a scheme that runs out in 2012. We cannot afford to wait until 2009-2010, otherwise there will be a stagnation in activity that we see now ", Richard Burrett, directeur duurzaamheid bij de ABN AMRO.
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