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Best Practices voor een duurzame toekomst
28 oktober 2006

Numico gives long-term support for orphanages

The idea of the partnership arose in the wake of the tsunami disaster that hit several Asian countries on Christmas 2004. Michiel Quarles van Ufford, vice-president Corporate Communications of Numico: "Whenever a disaster occurs, we are asked to donate baby food. But in terms of food safety that is a very dangerous thing to do, so we always refuse. Instead of donating food, we started looking for a long-term corporate citizenship plan to help children in need. We partnered with SOS Childrens Villages to create the Supporting Lives Programme in the 37 countries where we operate."
The first series of projects under this partnership have started in tsunami-hit Sumatra. Housing units and a kindergarten have been built in Medan as part of a new SOS Childrens Village. A medical clinic will soon open in Aceh, and Numico will fund the running costs as well as the construction of these facilities.
The Supporting Lives Programme tries to involve all Numico employees, either by fundraising and sponsoring, or by sharing their knowledge and providing assistance to the Childrens Villages or local SOS-offices. Employees can help SOS develop operations know-how. Logistics support, introductions to business networks, and administrative help are all ways to get involved. Medical or nutritional scientists can offer assistance in clinics and hospitals.
Albert Jaap van Santbrink, general manager of SOS Childrens Villages in the Netherlands: "This is our first global partnership with a major Dutch-based company. The partnership reflects the trust of Numico in our organisation and our way of working. This is an enormous step forward in creating an environment with trustworthy partners that value our aim to give children without parents a permanent home and a stable environment."
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