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04 november 2006

Dutch consultants DHV dedicate holidays to train Indonesian NGOs

Immediately after the tsunami, funds for reconstruction were directed to Indonesian NGOs. However, they were badly in need of capacity building, especially in the field of project management. And that is where the experience of DHV and ICCO-advisors could be of great value. Gerda Haisma is one of the three DHV-trainers who went to Aceh in the second shift in September. "Most participants had already been trained in project management, but in a theoretical way. They indicated that they would appreciate a more practical training, consisting of cases which they had to work out. So that is what we did. At the end of the training they wrote an action plan for their own organisation. In a few months we will hear if they want us to come back for further training."
For Gerda Haisma going to Aceh was a way of expressing her commitment with the victims of the tsunami, and of the earthquake that occurred only three months later. "You may call it idealism. But I also think the added value of my expertise is much higher in Aceh than it is here in the Netherlands."
DHV is also commercially involved in Aceh. In a consortium with other Dutch and Indonesian firms, DHV is developing a masterplan to protect the coast of northern Sumatra and the island Nias against future floodings. Part of the masterplan is a regional warning system against tsunamis, and a public campaign on how to react in case of a tsunami warning.
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