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Best Practices voor een duurzame toekomst
02 december 2006

Ordina assists Red Cross in African countries

Van der Tang: "A team of Ordina-consultants has designed a toolkit for the managers of the regional offices. This toolkit appeared not only useful for the regional managers but also for the head office in Nairobi. So they were very grateful."
The partnership with the Red Cross has been signed for a period of three years. Ordina-consultants expect to be back in Kenya for another three times to further implement the project The Red Cross has already shown interest in the same kind of project for their branches in Ethiopia and Eritrea. Ordina invests some 250 working days a year in the partnership.
For Ordina, a company with about 4,900 employees in Holland and Belgium, this kind of assistance is part of its Corporate Social Responsibility programme. Frank van der Tang: "Our most valuable asset is knowledge. Sharing this knowledge is a sustainable way of assisting developing countries, and its impact is also large. Of course we skip some of our revenues by making consultants available for the Red Cross, but there is also something to gain for us. It is very motivating for our people, and since they learn a lot in terms of adjusting to different cultures and sharpening their project management skills, they become even better qualified consultants."
The partnership between Ordina and the Red Cross has been organised by EsteamWork, a management development programme that puts professionals temporarily on a business case in developing countries.
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