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Best Practices voor een duurzame toekomst
30 januari 2007

Dutch SMEs press for national strategy on sustainability

In their appeal the SMEs, describing themselves as pioneers, recall that sustainability has inspired them to deliver new products, designs and services, reducing energy costs and increasing social justice. They promise to keep up high standards, like huge reductions in carbon dioxide emissions, far reaching recycling plans, a complete ban on child labour and the inclusion of vulnerable groups in their workforce. They call on all entrepreneurs to take similar steps.
But what they deeply miss is an inspiring national strategy that facilitates a sustainable way of producing and consuming. They want the government to make sustainability and innovation its top priority. The government should consistently be a role model. For instance by making its purchase 100% sustainable by the year 2010 and by stimulating that the pricing of products includes social costs. By communicating the importance of sustainable production and consumption, the government should challenge both companies and consumers to take bold actions. And consequently, such actions should be rewarded.
MVO-Nederland coordinates the appeal, which has also been signed by P+ People Planet Profit.
Interested SMEs are invited to sign up on the web site.

P+ webtip: MVO Nederland
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