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10 februari 2007

Ordina develops webtool to measure impact of microcredits

Frank van der Tang, spokesman of Ordina: "We have already started early in 2006. Technically speaking such a tool is not too complicated. But the adequacy of the tool largely depends on the definition of the indicators. This is something we develop together with the microfinance institutions that are members of INAFI. We organise workshops, involve experts and assemble lessons learned." Ordina has three employees working on the project, who can lean on the knowledge of another thirty colleagues. This free service is for Ordina an expression of its corporate social responsibility. Frank van der Tang: "For Ordina-staff it is a means of contributing to global development and at the same time it is an intellectual challenge and an opportunity to learn from colleagues worldwide. They consider it a very useful experience."
The network of INAFI reaches about 25 million people in developing countries. The microfinance institutions are eager to have a system, which clarifies the impact of their efforts and shows their contribution to Millennium Development Goals like poverty reduction, and the provision of education and health care. At the same time such a measuring tool meets the wishes of donor institutions like Oxfam, seeking for uniform information on the outcome of their investments.

Ordina expects the online system to produce the first results in two years time. Frank van der Tang: "After designing the instrument, Ordina will also be involved in helping INAFI-members to implement the instrument."
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