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05 mei 2007

Day for Change announces how much money has been raised in Holland

Even if there are enough doctors, poor people can not afford to pay for a consultation. A health insurance is either non-existent or way beyond their reach. The Dutch Platform Health Insurance for the Poor (HIP) is trying to stimulate this kind of service in developing countries. After the success of the micro credits, micro insurances are now on their way.
One of the driving forces behind the Platform is the Dutch development organisation Cordaid. Christine Fenenga, team leader East and South Africa, sector health and well-being: "Health insurance is becoming a new phenomenon in developing countries, but it is a very complicated matter. You need providers of health care, you need a good system, people need to be trained. That is why we are happy to have a Platform that brings together the expertise and experience in many fields."
The Platform consists of universities, NGOs, consultancies, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the insurance company Interpolis. Interpolis, rooted in mutual solidarity funds, has experience in micro insurances in countries like India, Sri Lanka and the Philippines.
Christine Fenenga: "The Platform will not grow into a new organisation. That would be hazardous, as participating members would no longer be compelled to take any action themselves. What the Platform aims to do is assemble information and publish it on a website for organisations that want to set up a health insurance. Cordaid, for instance, has partner organisations in developing countries, which are in the process of constructing a health insurance system. They can benefit from the knowledge of the Platform."
Micro insurances are becoming the new buzz word. Belgium started a comparable platform last year, trying to boost micro insurances for health care. And, also last year, the Health Insurance Fund was erected in the Netherlands, facilitating new initiatives in African countries for low income people, like collective insurance for groups of women, farmers, students or people with a micro credit.
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