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19 mei 2007

Corporate leaders establish the 100 leading NGOs and UN agencies

Corporate leaders who have experience in collaborating with NGOs and UN organisations are asked to join a survey. They should be fast, as the latest date for filling in the questionnaire ( is May 22. According to the researchers it will only take ten minutes! The Business Guide, featuring the survey results and descriptions of each of the Top 100 organisations will be published in a special report of the Financial Times, presented at the coming UN Global Compact Leaders Summit in Geneva on July 5-6.
The Global Compact, launched at UN Headquarters in 2000, brings together companies with UN agencies, labour and civil society organisations to promote the role of business in tackling the challenges of globalisation. It is a voluntary initiative with the objective to support universal environmental and social principles, and to contribute to achieving the UN Millennium Development Goals by the year 2015.
On July 5-6, UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon will chair the Global Compact Leaders Summit, focusing on the business sustainability agenda. The official them is called: Facing Realities: Getting Down to Business.
The initiative to conduct a survey among corporate leaders reveals the wish of the private sector to identify reliable and skilled NGOs and UN organisations, with which they can collaborate in the field. It would be very interesting, however, to also have it the other way around. Who are, in the eyes of non-profit development organisations, the most reliable partners in the corporate world? Which companies, according to the experience of NGOs, strictly adhere to environmental, social and labour standards worldwide? Which companies do not only act when their abuses are revealed, but consider it their responsibility to prevent any abuse? Which logging companies operate in Cameroun, completely fulfilling standards of CSR? Which mining companies venture into the Democratic Republic of Congo in search for coltan, adhering to universal standards. Which energy companies go for gas in Myanmar, while contributing to the development of the local population? P+ would be eager to publish a Top 100 list of reliable companies, chosen by NGOs and UN agencies.

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