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05 oktober 2007 launched: A stroke of Genius

Global business is more than just billions of transactions a day. It shapes and defines the communities we live in and the future we are moving towards. We are witnessing the movement of company reporting towards greater materiality - be it ISO 26000 or GRI - and the convergence of CSR and sustainable development as companies partner-up with a myriad of pro-active organisations, institutions and individuals. It is an exciting time to be fully engaged in emerging CSR intelligence that crosses sectors, national boundaries and cultures. How can corporate activity per-se, achieve the stamp of CSR assurance?
At the new CSR Center our members supporters and contributors are drawing together scalable, real world resources and solutions, simultaneously creating a business wide and academic perspective. The knowledge transfer at CSR Center is rapidly building an international community of CSR practice, fuelled and mutually inspired by the input of students from around the globe. Students who are dedicated to addressing the issues that desperately need attention. The challenge is complex, but it is clear that next generation corporate responsibility will be driven by the genius of today's scholars and practioners. Stakeholders need to be confident that the corporate leaders, managers and employees of the future will be focused on CSR, to ensure that business and society thrive together. By joining up the dots, CSR Center places itself squarely at the heart of the debate.
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