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19 april 2008

Dutch ICCO encourages investment in Brazil

The Brazilian economy is booming but the poorer parts of the population in the north and northeast have yet to feel any benefits. Most of the profit finds its way into the pockets of a tiny part of the population. The Netherlands is Brazil’s biggest foreign investor and ICCO wants to boost the deprived regions. Dutch companies willing to accept the challenge of investing in the poorer regions will get a broad range of support. Subsidy from the PSOM-programme (Programme for Cooperation with Emerging Markets), with a maximum of 1.5 million euro per project provides a financial incentive. But technical and organizational support is also available, as ICCO in Brazil has been building and working together for five years with an ever extending network of NGOs, producer organisations, banks, trade unions and universities striving for a more just distribution of wealth in the country.

During his visit to the Netherlands last week, Brazilian president Lula gave his blessing to the initiative. According to ICCOs Willemijn Lammers, this is a “serious signal to companies which certainly helps our initiative. And the fact that the Brazilian development bank BNDES is willing to put its millions at our disposal helps even more.”

Willemijn Lammers: “People from our network can inform Dutch companies about the production facilities, the availability of a trained work force, the political situation, potential problems. They can help to solve problems with the infrastructure and shape the preconditions for investments.” ICCO is planning a seminar in Brazil next November which hopes bring together 25 Dutch companies and ICCOs Brazilian partners.

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