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28 oktober 2009

Club van Rome: Niet meer dan 350 parts per million uitstoot CO2

We citeren de Engelstalige persverklaring van de Club van Rome.

The highlights of the Amsterdam Declaration are:
•    To adopt legally binding agreements to achieve a stable climate with atmospheric concentrations of CO2 not exceeding 350 ppm.
•    To establish financial mechanisms, including a carbon market, that will enable countries, companies and communities to reduce their net carbon emissions to the levels required.
•    To accelerate support for adaptation and humanitarian assistance in developing countries as an integral component of national development so as to reduce the impacts of climate change.
•    To promote the development of new models and strategies for growth, development and globalization, which place a real value on natural capital and ecosystems services – including the removal of CO2 from the atmosphere.
•    To agree upon an international study, to be concluded within one year, which will propose how the framework of international policies and institutions must be adapted to meet the connected, systemic challenges of the 21st Century.
•    The finance industry has to move from fast money to slow money.

The declaration is the outcome of the Global Assembly of the Club of Rome in Amsterdam, October 26 and 27 and was presented to Mr. Job Cohen mayor of Amsterdam.

Martin Lees, Secretary General of the Club of Rome commented:
“Climate science confirms that climate change is accelerating and the poor throughout the world are already paying the price. Governments in Copenhagen must recognize the urgency for immediate action and united efforts to address the global challenges which threaten the future of humanity”

Wouter van Dieren, Director of Club of Rome, member of the Club of Rome commented:
“The finance industry must be converted into an instrument to promote ethical, equitable and sustainable world development. Banks and businesses must increasingly see their role as providing services to society: we must move from fast money to slow money. Insider trading must be prosecuted more severely as organized crime; corruption must be strongly repressed, and tax evasion through off-shore trusts and foundations must be stopped by disclosing the beneficiaries; speculation with essential commodities such as oil and food must be disallowed. Corporate incentives for bankers and money managers to seek high-risk, short-term returns should be discouraged.

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