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04 december 2010

English statement of Wubbo Ockels: The sinking of Ecolution

The Ecolution is the first ship build by the company ECOLUTIONS BV, located in the northern part of Holland in the city of Groningen. This area is known for people with a "no nonsense" mentality combined with craftsmanship in boat building. Innovative knowledge is combined with people who generation after generation stands on a rich history of shipbuilding.The Ecolution is well insured, as Ockels announced. Still, repairing all the damage will take at least half a year, so chances are small that he will sail the Northsea this summer with his wife, Joos Ockels, who came up with the idea to sell their home en live on a comfortable and sustainable boat.About the owners.
Wubbo Ockels is a professor at the Delft Technology University and the University of Groningen. He was the first Dutch astronaut on board the space shuttle Challenger in 1985. After his space flight he dedicated himself to the promotion of innovative research in the field of sustainable development. He is well known in Holland and around the world for his role in many innovative projects like solar car racing, superbus and laddermill (kite-power).Piet Wieringa en Albert Keizer, directors No Limit Ships B.V. Groningen. No Limit Ships is a young and dynamic company building high quality motorboats for the recreational and business sector. No Limit Ships B.V. offer high quality, perfection and exclusivity by using the most modern developments in technology. The company sold more than 17 ships and new (professional) demands are strongly increasing and regards Ecolution as a long-term investment for a sustainable future. Bert van Kalsbeek, director Marvis Yachting B.V. Groningen. Marvis Yachting was founded in 1991 and is known for three production-disciplines in its organization; Research & Development, cutting in plasma, casco-building. The company has build over 200 ships.The Ecolution is sponsored by Rabobank and insured by its daughter Interpolis.P+ webtip: Statement Wubbo Ockels (webmovie)P+ webtip 2: Same statement Ockels on YouTube