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Best Practices voor een duurzame toekomst
17 augustus 2011

Nyenrode start weer met nieuwe leergang CSR in Action!

The Nyenrode Business Course CSR in Action! is an intensive, hands-on "Learning Lab" designed to introduce new ways of thinking and working around Corporate Social Responsibility and test new ways of implementing CSR Strategy into your business. The focus of the course is not on CSR content (as most participants will already be familiar with the CSR issues facing their business) rather, CSR in Action! aims at introducing new ideas around embedding CSR in practice.Who should participate?
Are you working on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in your organization and looking for inspiration and practical tools? Looking for ways to engage your colleagues and clients in CSR and make it part of the culture of doing business? Are you looking to learn from leading CSR practitioners and connect with CSR colleagues? Then CSR in Action! is your solution.Program Features
+ Innovative practices in CSR
+ Acquire new skills and tools
+ Challenge and inspire
+ Put learning into practice
+ Expertise and support from Nyenrode
+ Expand your network and share ideasP+ webtip: Aanmelding CSR in Action!