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femke groothuis, keynote speaker
femke groothuis, keynote speaker
18 augustus 2013

Program Closing the Loop 2013: DAY 1

The first day of the conference is aimed at business leaders and high-level professionals from various industries, who are interested in the concept of a circular economy and aim to re-think their business models.

Specialists within business and (local) governments like strategists, product developers, R&D and waste management professionals and others that operate in the field of sustainable innovation will benefit from the conference. Marketeers will find new insights in both mass-market marketing and brand new concepts, such as ‘Prosumers’, in which production and consumption come together in one creative process.


09.00 hr. Registration and arrival of guests
09.45 hr. Plenary sessions with 20 minutes updates

+ Dr. Christian Hagelüken, director EU Government Affairs, Umicore.
About: Recycling complex electronics and what it really means to develop from such complex goods a circular economy model for ‘technology metals’ in order to overcome potential scarcities.

+ Femke Groothuis, president of The Ex’tax Project
About: The social dimension of the circular economy. In her vision the circular economy will never become reality without a tax reform that shifts tax from labour to natural resources.

+ Dr. ir. Arjen Hoekstra, professor at Twente University
About: The necessity to incorporate water issues in Closed Loop thinking, with examples from various industries.

+ Bas Rüter, director of Sustainability, Rabobank Netherlands
About: Developing new financial services for enabling the circular economy and investments, already made in companies with circular practices.

11.30 hr. Coffee and tea break
12.00 hr. Presentation of new ground-breaking studies

+ Roy Vercoulen, vice president Europe of the Cradle to Cradle Products Innovation Institute.
About: The first results of an impact study on the added value of a Cradle to Cradle Certified Product Standard.
+ Michel Schuurman, circular economy specialist of MVO Nederland (CSR Netherlands).
About: The last insights and research on the current state of circular economy in the Netherlands. Where do new business models and initiatives such as circular procurement currently emerge?

13.00 hr. Lunch + Presentations

14.00 hr. Master Classes – Round 1

15.15 hr. Refreshments + Switch of Masterclasses

15.30 hr. Master Classes – Round 2

17.00 hr. Network Drinks + Presentation of International Edition of P+ People Planet Profit on the Circular Economy, sponsored by KICI.


Master class 1: Textiles + Fashion
+ Hans Markowski, CEO of KICI
+ About: Organizing and closing the loop of used textiles in the Netherlands and the rest of Europe, after one year experience with the automatic sorting machine T4T at Wieland Textiles in the Netherlands.

Master Class 2: Consumers + Marketeers
+ Anniek Mauser, director of Sustainability Unilever Benelux+ Hanke Mauser, co-creator at the Cooperation of Good
+ About: Changing consumer behaviour. Anniek speaks about mass markets and the first experiences with the involvement of children in this process. Her sister Hanke talks about the influencing role of sustainable consumers (Cultural Creatives / Prosumers) on producers of sustainable goods and products.

Master Class 3: Food + Health
+ Kees Aarts, director of Protix Biosystems + Jan-Willem Straatsma of FrieslandCampina
+ About: Aarts will speak about closing the loop in fish farming by retrieving nutritional elements from specific organic residual streams through the use of a variety of insects, like maggots. Manager sustainable livestock Straatsma will present a new cow manure cycle, which could be the future of green energy and also provide fertilizer replacement.

Master Class 4: Beauty and Care
+ Hilary Jones, Ethical Director of Lush
+ About: Producing beauty products and cosmetics without micro beads or other non-friendly environmental ingredients.

Master Class 5: Finance + Procurement
+ Daan Dijk, Managing Director Sustainable Business Development Rabobank
About: The end of cheap resources and the urge of financing a circular economy, in particular the biobased economy.

Master Class 6: Production + Impact
+ Roy Vercoulen, vice president Europe of the Cradle to Cradle Products Innovation Institute.
+ About: The impact study of Cradle to Cradle Certification as an example of the added business value of a certified, transparent, closed loop process. With C2C-products.

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