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Re-Mo label
Re-Mo label
18 augustus 2013

Program Closing the Loop 2013: DAY 3

The third day of the conference will exclusively focus on the textile industry. High professionals from different countries will present the possibilities of future cooperation between European countries, especially with Italy, with its famous fashion industry. This gathering of decision makers, entrepreneurs, designers and governments promises to be a milestone, the birth of a brand new label for upcycled fabrics: ‘Made in Europe’.

PROGRAM DAY 3, ‘Textile Day’

09.00 hr. Registration and arrival of guests
09.45 hr. Plenary sessions with 20 minutes updates

+ Martijn Aslander, author and social media entrepreneur
+ About: The power of the ‘swarm’: how one person with some social media contacts can make impossible things happen.

+ Roberto Cenni, major of Prato, Italy
+ About: The proud Italian textile industry of his town, ready for upcycling textiles like cotton and synthetics, beside the already proven practice of recycling wool.

+ Raimondo Orsini, director of the Italian Foundation for Sustainable Development
+ About: How Italy focuses on the production of goods and services of a high ecological quality and how the financial-economic crisis fuels this development.

+ Edoardo Nesi, author and member of Parliament
+ About: His own family, three generations of Italian textile producers, its history, its present and its future, the need for Europe to hold onto craftsmanship, besides innovation.

11.30 hr. Coffee and Tea Break
12.00 hr. Plenary sessions with 20 minutes updates

+ Jef Wintermans, director of Modint, Dutch textile producers
+ About: The need for developing a future framework and new business models, to bring back textile production to Europe.

+ Alessandro Viganò, former brand manager of Dolce & Gabbana, Wrangler, Armani Jeans
+ About: The necessity to bring together designers of yarn, cloth and fashion together (WEG), because the circular economy in textiles starts at the designers table.

+ Martin Havik + Oliver Teepe , CEO and partner of Re-Mo
+ About: Proven and future textile recycling practices, established by Dutch companies and Italian textile specialists. Also: the need of a quality label, that will bring back international fashion companies to Italy, because their production will be proven socially and environmentally solid.

13.00 hr. Lunch & Networking

14.00 hr. Ateliers – Round 1

Atelier 1: Closing the Loop
+ Michiel van Yperen, senior project manager CSR Netherlands / MVO Nederland
+ About: All links in the chain of textile production, discussing conflicts of interests between parties, opportunities and obstacles in the recycling process.

Atelier 2: Giving back is the new luxury
+ Angelique Westerhof, director of the Dutch Fashion Foundation
+ About: The need for research regarding the cooperation of fashion and textile designers and the innovative capacity of manufacturers. Also an overview is given of the inspiring latest examples of crossover collaborations and showcases.

Atelier 3: Certification
+ Lewis Perkins, Senior Vice President, Development and Textile & Apparel Specialist at Cradle to Cradle Products Innovation Institute
+ About: An up-to-date overview of best international practices in certification, focussed on the Textile and apparel-sector. 

Atelier 4: Developing business models for the circular economy
+ Franc van den Berg, director BECO
+ About: Exploring various theories and practices of a wide range of circular business solutions.

Atelier 5: Creating consumer awareness
+ Frits Spangenberg, founder and major shareholder at Motivaction
+ About: The insights of various experts in the field of changing consumer behaviour.

15.15 hr. Refreshments + Switch of Ateliers

15.30 hr. Ateliers – Round 2

16.45 hr. Auction of the first designs of Dutch-Italian origin. Also the start of a crowd funding platform established for recycled fashion items, an important tool for creating consumer awareness.

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