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10 oktober 2013

Download Closing the Loop 2013: Arjen Hoekstra

What’s the use of saving drinking water in the Netherlands? 96,2 percent of the water footprint is invisible, related to the products bought on the market. Here’s the presentation of Arjen Hoekstra, professor at the University of Twente.

According to Hoekstra the footprint of 1 0,5 litre of Coke is 36 litre of drinking water, as produced in the Dongen factory, the Netherlands

0.44 litre water content
27.6 litre for sugar
5.3 litre for PET bottle and closure
3.0 litre for other ingredients & overheads

36 litre total

Download of the PDF of the Presentation of Arjen Hoekstra


Meer info download je hier:

2013-10-02-Hoekstra-ClosingtheLoop.pdf (9834 kb)