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Best Practices voor een duurzame toekomst
10 oktober 2013

Download Closing the Loop 2013: Bas Rüter

What are the key factors for sourcing value from the circular economy that are relevant in financing and advisory services? Here’s the presentation of Bas Rüter, CSR Director Rabobank Netherlands.

According to Rüter 5 factors play a major role:
. 1.  the choice of materials,
. 2.  the way in which products are designed, manufactured and (re-)used,
. 3.  The choice of feedback loops for re-use,
. 4.  The way in which businesses jointly organise and manage the cycle of chains on a sustainable basis,
. 5.  A shift in values and conduct from ownership to use (usufruct).

Download of the PDF of the Presentation


Meer info download je hier:

PresentationBasRuter.pdf (6202 kb)