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Framework Market Transformation
Framework Market Transformation
05 april 2019

English P+ Special: Framework market transformation

The P+ Special ‘Framework market transformation’ is now available for English readers. In the fascinating project "Changing the Game", CEO Lucas Simons of NewForesight and professor André Nijhof of Nyenrode Business University are currently mapping eleven different industries. What are the phases of sustainability in which they are in? Is that still the baby time, which started after disasters and scandals? Or has puberty already begun and sustainable quality marks have been losing momentum? More importantly, what is the role of business, government, NGOs, financial institutions and researchers and in which point of time? Who does what?

This Special Issue can be downloaded from the website op P+ People Planet Profit. The article gives insight in the phases of transformation towards sustainability. On the cover Lucas Simons, CEO of NewForesight and Professor André Nijhof of Nyenrode Business University.

Simons says: “When I see where an organization is at, I can predict the future six to eight years ahead, almost like a script. It is always the same."

Lucas Simons built the framework from his knowledge and experiences in the food sector. As a guest lecturer at Nyenrode Business University, he became acquainted with prof. Dr. Ir. André Nijhof. In conversations the question arose: do these four transition phases also apply to other industries? Yes, Nijhof concluded this after he had asked students to do exploratory research. This framework is universal. And now that it is there, it is so recognizable that it looks like it has always been there.

But that does not make the application easy. This is also apparent now that a large team of experts is working hard on an international publication. The title of Simon's book "Changing the Food Game" (2014) is generalized to "Changing the Game". The book will be published in the first half of 2019 by an international publisher. Each team of authors scrutinizes an industry.

+ Chemistry

+ Tourism

+ Construction

+ Education

+ Healthcare

+ Automotive

+ Telecom

+ Energy

+ Textile

+ Financials

+ Agrofood

The fame hurries ahead of the publication, Nijhof notes. “We are already getting the necessary questions from practical experience: help us with the analysis. What phase are we in? What can we do best? I also see that the business community understands better when and which steps and instruments are useful. In the very first phase you can stimulate desired developments with subsidies. A government must stop this in the second phase. Then those first products come on the market. Then implement a sustainable procurement policy. In the following phases, too, I see that governments are not in line with developments. That is actually a braking effect. "

To accomodate these wishes, NewForesight and Nyenrode Business University present an opportunity to join a 5-day ‘Changing the Game: Transforming your market towards sustainability’ program.

When: Monday 6th to Friday 10th of May
Where: Nyenrode University
Price:  € 4.995,- (excl. VAT).
Special Duo Offer: Want to bring a colleague, client or supplier? Then the second person is only €1.499,-  (excl. VAT). Please contact us if you are interested.

Interested? Apply here: 

Website for registration

Deadline for registering is 30 of April 2019.

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