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Rome, statue in the Vatican Museum
Rome, statue in the Vatican Museum
29 april 2013

Closing the loop 2013: Made in Europe

Made in Europe is the theme of Closing the Loop 2013, on October 2,3 an 4. The last day of this event focuses on the collection of used textiles in the Netherlands, and upscaling the sorted fibers in other European countries, like Italy.

Long distance transport is not ideal in the creation of a circular economy. Here is the chance for Europe to recover as a continent providing a high standard of textile production. It means that professionally collected used textiles (cotton and other fibres) can be used in the production of new clothes.

The Italian Connection is already a reality, since the Mayors of the cities of Almere (The Netherlands) and Prato (Italy) signed a coope- ration agreement. The Dutch are the frontrun-ners in Europe, when it concerns recycling practices. Last year Closing the Loop 2012 presented the world premiere of the automa- tic sorting installation of Textiles4Textiles. The Italians who are even more famous for the quality of their woven fabrics have also specia- lised in recycled fibres. The Provence Prato has the centre of expertise.

It was here that the former professional cyclist Martin Havik started a textiles business, after his sports career ended. Today Havik is the ‘Postillon d’Amour’ between these two Eu-ropean countries. His network also includes specialists from both countries that developed a Re-Mo certificate, a label for producers and consumers alike. It shows the percentages of recovered fibres in the new cloth.

Havik: “This label proves the amount of CO2 that has been saved, because less virgin cotton was needed. It is a very unsustainable crop, with a large amount of water needed, and pesticides.”

Havik also understands that this fabric needs to be very desirable for fashion designers. His business friend Allessandro Viaganò, a former brand manager of world famous labels like Armani Jeans, Dolce & Gabbana and Wrangler, therefore brings together skills that seldom meet.

The designers of fabrics do not often meet the designers of fashion. At the AltaRoma Fashion show last year in Rome Viaganò showed some samples: “We have woven a beautiful denim for summer collections. This is what fashion designers are waiting for. Or this one, a more thicker denim, better for a male col- lection.”

This part of the conference Closing the Loop will be organized in cooperation with Antje Melissen and Jaap van Straalen, owners of the Foundation Casa della Sinergia. Closing the Loop 2013 will also reveal a Spanish Connec- tion, based on the re-use of regained textiles, together with KICI clothing collection and business partners.

For further information, see the PDF with first announcement of Closing the Loop 2013, left column.

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