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Best Practices voor een duurzame toekomst
Pick the light
Pick the light
23 augustus 2020

Redesign our economy for a New Normal

Are we ready to redesign our economy to find ourselves back in a sustainable New Normal? But how? Pick the light! Find all the answers for this global challenge and join the virtual 7th r3.0 International Conference on September 8-11. Corona-proof! 

Why aren’t we able to solve the Climate Crisis? Why are we so slow in Poverty Alleviation? Why don’t we get more active, knowing that COVID-19 is just one single time lapse of the already lurking slow motion economic crisis, climate crisis, biodiversity crisis, and most likely an existential crisis for humanity? It is time to recognize that overshoot (of resources) and undershoot (of social equities) are nothing else than a plea for #flatteningthecurve on merely everything of the ‘Great Acceleration‘ and all its hockey stick figures. 

We need to realize that all civilizations that died out exactly did so based on the neglect of overshoot and undershoot. But this time - and for the first time - this is not just a local, but global challenge. Are we willing to see what’s coming?

September 8-11 mark the days for the 7th International r3.0 Conference, fully online. Making the conference Corona-proof is just one logic. to envision a ’New Normal‘ life ‘with’ COVID-19 and how it will be different from now on (as there will most likely won’t be a life ‘after’ COVID-19). We will need to get used to new realities. 

r3.0 as a pre-competitive and market-making non-profit is helping to design these new realities since their start in 2013. Based on the r3.0 work ecosystem of nine so-called Blueprints the conference embarks on a multi-year structure that will look at needed transformation in the eight following sectors and will develop a progress report after the conference, a big differentiator already to the usual conference settings:

+ Science

+ Behaviour

+ Finance

+ Growth

+ Value(s)

+ Circularity

+ Education

+ Governance

The r3.0 conference brings together 16 highly acclaimed keynote speakers in plenary on September 8, and about 30 speakers in 12 breakout sessions that will look at the aspects of pace, scale and scope of problem solving in these 8 connected focus areas. As some already observed 'this is the most systemic and holistic nearing towards the most super-wicked problem that we have ever seen’.

Rounding up the conference are the so-called ‘Market-making Sessions‘ in which partners of r3.0 present solutions that await breakthroughs to support humanity in solving the conundrum of interrelated problems. So, if there is one conference this year that shows how we can come out strong from the COVID-19 crisis, and work towards a regenerative & distributive economy design that avoids future crises like COVID-19, the 7th International r3.0 Conference is a not-to-miss opportunity. 

Registration is possible at the website of the r3-0 conference.


Meer info download je hier:

Speakers r3.0 Conference (971 kb)
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