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Best Practices voor een duurzame toekomst
10 oktober 2013

Download Closing the Loop 2013: Daan Dijk

The circular economy recuires different financial systems, like a shift from asset to performance financing. 1000 Trucks with a life time of 20 years are better than 1000 trucks who only last 10 years, says Daan Dijk, senior advisor sustainability of Rabobank the Netherlands.

There is a changing Investment Climate, according to Dijk, who presented a Masterclass on Finance and Procurement in the circular economy.

+ The days of abundant resources and falling prices are over

Future success will depend on:
+ Efficient resource use ( raw materials, energy, water)
+ Preservation of biodiversity ( natural asset base)  Circular Business models

Download of the PDF of the Presentation of Daan Dijk


Meer info download je hier:

DaanDijkMasterClass.pdf (2916 kb)