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Best Practices voor een duurzame toekomst
femke groothuis, foto anne hamers
femke groothuis, foto anne hamers
10 oktober 2013

Download Closing the Loop 2013: Femke Groothuis

Of all taxes only 0,3 percent are on metals, minerals, fish and water, while 51 percent is on labour… We have to swich these percentages, says Femke Groothuis, president of Ex’taks Project.

Groothuis: "We are living in a strange world, with an Abundance of human resources, and scarcity of natural resources at the same time."

"The tax system is a barrier for business to hire more people and save resources."

Changing the rules of the game means:

+ A fundamental, budget-neutral and fair shift in taxation from labour to natural resources.

+ Growth based on human resources instead of natural resources

Download of the PDF of the Presentation of Femke Groothuis


Meer info download je hier:

FemkeGroothuisExtaxmko1.pdf (10597 kb)