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Anniek and Hanke Mauser
Anniek and Hanke Mauser
12 oktober 2013

Download Closing the Loop 2013: Anniek Mauser

What if a company which brands are used 2 billion times a day in over 190 countries will be able to change consumer behavior in an more sustainable way? Anniek Mauser, CSR Director of Unilever went into this question.

In the ‘Sister Act’ with her real sister Anke Mauser, who spoke about the ‘Prosumers-movement’, Anniek discussed with the audience of Closing the Loop the project ‘Waterspaarders’, with schoolchildren being the 'change agents'. Anniek: “If everybody in the Netherlands would shower 3 minuter shorter, it would save 165 euro per year on water and heating costs.”

Anniek also showed a webmovie on the Unilever Sustainable Living Plan: 5 Levers of Change.

And a movie that gave more background on ‘Waterspaarders’

Download of the PDF of the Presentation of Anniek Mauser


Meer info download je hier:

ConsumerbehaviourchangeforP2october.pdf (5233 kb)