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Best Practices voor een duurzame toekomst
Martin Havin Re Mo
Martin Havin Re Mo
12 oktober 2013

Download Closing the Loop 2013: Martin Havik

Here’s some more facts about the stunning blue dress Martin Havik and Olivier Teepe or ReMo showed on Closing the Loop 2013. It’s made of old Dutch navy uniforms.

According to the information sheet Havik sent us, re-using of the fibers is a big contribution to a better environment. Per 1 kg of fibers there is a reduction of 2,16 kg of CO2, 42 Mjoule of energy and 2788 liters of water.

The dress, showed by Wanda de Wit, also member of the Re-Mo team, had been designed by Monique Collignon.
The fibre composition:
Recycled Cotton: 40%
Virgin Cotton: 15%
Recycled PET: 45 %

The old uniforms have been collected by ReShare, part of het Leger des Heils. Textiles unraveled and Yarn spun has been done in Italy, by GM Filati in the city of Prato, Toscane. The cloth has been woven in the same city, by Pontetorto.

In their presentation Havik and Teepe announced more special projects, like their contract for dressing the officials of the international federation of professional cyclists (IUC) in recycled uniforms, for the coming 5 years. And a lot more is there to come.

Download of the PDF of the Blue Dress of Re-Mo


Meer info download je hier:

REMO-Toscane_ReShar-Defensie.pdf (3382 kb)
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